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Detoxing from Environmental Toxins

When people think of doing a detox it's typically for weight loss or to recover from a wild weekend away, but what about all the toxins we come in contact with on a daily basis?

A toxin can be described as anything your body cannot fully break down and get rid of on its own, and every day we are exposed to pollutants in our air, water, and food which add to the workload our body has to do to get rid of these things. Since exposure to toxins nearly unavoidable, it's no wonder that detox support is so essential.

At Sabre Sciences we are firm believers in the necessity of regular detoxing, and have seen it's benefits first hand. Throughout our 25 years in business we've continued to research and develop new formulas with a focus on stress, hormones, and detox. We've realized of all the ways you can support general health, detox has proven time and again to be a foundational need so that all other systems in your body work properly. So, we've created a selection of highly effective detox products that can easily be added to any wellness routine.

Sabre’s Detoxifying Fantastic Four:

Use together or individually, depending on how intensive you want your detox to be.

We suggest a detox plan between 30-90 days depending on your need.

#1 Detoxinol Liposomal Crème (Liver assisting mobilizer)

This formula is comprised of herbs and amino acids such as artichoke and silymarin (milk thistle), which supports the liver in drawing out toxins from the body so they can be released and removed.

#2 Ultra D Caps (GI Binder)

Originally designed to be used with the Detoxinol Crème. Ultra D is a fantastic partner product to any detox program. Ultra D works in the intestine where it can bind and remove toxins that are isolated by the Detoxinol crème or other supporting agents. Our formula also offers healing ingredients to the intestine supporting overall wellness.

#3 Trans GSH (Glutathione Liposomal Crème- Your master detox agent made by your liver)

Liposomal cremes are estimated to have an absorption rate of over 80%, putting this Glutathione crème as a 2nd best to an injection or IV. Glutathione has been extensively researched for its benefits such as:

  • Anti-Viral

  • Anti-Inflammatory

  • Hormone regulating

  • Liver health

#4 G-Shield: Enteric Glutathione Capsules (100% pure Glutathione in an enteric capsule, survives stomach acids so it can be safely absorbed in the intestine)

This product is as clean as it gets, absolutely NO filler, flavors, emulsifiers or any foreign material added. This is 100% PURE! Your body’s highest concentration of glutathione is found in the small intestine where it is highly absorbed. The primary role of glutathione in your body is to protect cells from damage due to toxic exposure. In the gut Glutathione can do you a world of good.


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